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Derek J. Flores RN

Registered Nurse - Author - Public Speaker


About the Author - Derek J. Flores

Registered Nurse - Author - TV Personality

Derek J. Flores, R.N.  was recently invited to appear as a guest on the nationally televised T.V. show -

'The Doctors'.  Nurse Derek discussed his best selling book, 'Seven Keys to a Peaceful Passing'.


Letters to a Hospice Nurse

Have you or someone you love had a ‘Hospice Experience’? If so, it is a life-changing event for everyone involved. When the author (Derek J. Flores, R.N.) cared for his many patients over the years, he often wondered what the lives of his patients had been like when they were young and vibrant. When he later reached out to surviving family members of hospice, asking them to share ‘who their loved ones once were’, they responded by sharing wonderful short stories about the people they loved so much.

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The 'My Letter' Journal

The feelings surrounding the loss or impending loss of someone you love can be overwhelming, deep, and sometimes complicated. This journal has been created to provide you the opportunity to write a letter expressing how you feel about your lost loved one. An excellent resource for 'Life Review' and also Grief Support Groups.


Seven Keys to a Peaceful Passing

I’m so excited to finally share 'Seven Keys to a Peaceful Passing' with those people who are experiencing a terminal illness, as well as their families.


Siete Claves

Attention Hospice Nurses & Social Workers! Siete Claves is the Spanish Translation of Seven Keys to a Peaceful Passing.  A great resource for our Spanish Speaking community!


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How to Contact Derek

Fax: 866-311-6389

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